Children's Illustrations for all ages

Hi everyone my name is Claire I'm a London born artist living in Annecy with my hubby and two boys. I work to produce original and fun Children's illustrations, great for unique gifts and a brilliant way to decorate any nursery or playroom. My boys are my inspiration and my love for drawing and passion for art has made this little company a reality, thanks also to forced time off my regular job due to a pregnancy and lockdown. A Chelsea Arts college student in Textiles and design and victim of the financial crisis at the time, I started off my working career waitressing.

Dreaming every year of starting my own little Label and earning money from doing something I love past me by, as life took over, with no time to work for cash and follow the ideal at the same time. Fifteen years later the dream is coming true woo hoo.... finally. The satisfaction of waking up in the morning desperate to start the working day is overwhelming, with ideas flowing too fast for the hours I have to create. Finally having a family and work life balance, is more perfect than I imagined, as my days are spent drawing with the oldest whilst the little one sleeps in his sling. I'm so excited to share this project with you and I really hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you.

Thanks for your support guys and here's hoping to many years of sharing my illustrations with you.



I am really happy to listen to your ideas for personalised presents, so please don't hesitate to contact me for any special orders and prices. I will try my hardest to help you produce the perfect gift.